This design was created with a dual purpose in mind. The best of both worlds with storage and living space. This is a large space, which could accommodate many different purposes. The main area of the garden room is 6 x 3 meters with an additional 2 x 3 meter storage area with a 'secret' door. The natural slate roof overhangs on all sides by 50 cm to complement the overall design. Internally there is a solid wall which is fully insulated separating the living and storage areas. 

This room has 2 different access doors as this building has been designed to be accessed from two different points. One of the doors is a 'hidden' door like the storage door by it being cleverly clad in the same profile as the external horizontal trapezoidal cladding appearance. there is then two huge floor to ceiling windows to maximise light as well as a glass door on one end. One one side there is also a huge window to maximise light but also the usable space internally. 

The garden room comes with .....

  • Foundations
  • Addition of our trapezoidal cladding finished with Aluminium corners, which can be colour coded to match your choice of window/door colour. 
  • 8 spot lights in brushed chrome
  • 1 LED strip light in the storage area
  • 2 internal double sockets
  • 1 external socket
  • Electric radiator
  • Electric consumer board ready to be connected to your house
  • All Aluminium doors and windows (choice of colours available)
  • 2 'hidden' wooden doors to the storage area and the main area
  • Full natural wood fiber insulation including the roof and floor
  • Slate or Cedar shingled roof
  • Solid wood laminate flooring
  • Galvenised Lindab gutters


Total Price £39,900


All designs can be adapted for your own requirements and a personalised quote will always be provided. 

Prices or for illustrative purposes only. 

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