If you are after a more contemporary look to your room then our solid wood build using our‘nature wall system’ is the option for you. With this system your options are endless.  

Using solid wood panels instead of a timber-frame wall means that the wooden panel provides a natural and permeable seal against moisture. Again no foils or plastic vapour barriers are used. Your room will be fully insulated using 100mm of natural wood fiber insulating board to keep you cosy in the winter months and cool in the summer. In addition to being a natural and pleasant material, wood fiber insulating board has a greater thermal efficiency than the foam insulation that is traditionally used in the UK.

Each wall is made using wood panels, which gives us the flexibility to be able to clad your room in a range of different cladding profiles. For example, you could have our high quality Spruce, Larch or Cedar cladding in a variety of cladding profiles using either vertical or horizontal boards, wooden shingles or you may opt to go for a minimalist rendered finish.

Internally it is possible that your room can be finished using plaster for a simple contemporary finish or wood if you want a more traditional feel.