Traditional log construction is one of the oldest forms of creating timber structures. It represents natural energy, durability, efficiency, strength and is one of the best naturally insulating methods used in building throughout time and today. Although traditional, this method has remained timeless through ongoing technical and architectural innovation.

Because we use whole logs, which are between 10cm and 14cm thick, there is no need for any additional insulation. Our log-constructed rooms are perfect, if you want a more traditional look.

Externally it will appear like horizontal cladding and can be either finished with a round detail like a typical alpine log home or with a more modern, planed surface.

Because we use the heart of the log, the wood doesn’t crack or twist and remains 100% weather resistant.

The corners can either be finished with a traditional dovetail detail or, for a more contemporary finish, there is the option of combining a cladding profile with a metal corner. With this option on first sight, the wall appears like modern horizontal cladding, but in fact it is a solid log. The metal corner profile consists of prefabricated stainless steel which is as wide as the logs. This protects the corners of your room and provides a sophisticated design feature. In addition to stainless steel, it is possible to select your own color or a natural rust finish to match your window and doorframes or other features of your garden.

This system is exclusive to Spacetwo and Chiemgauer Holzhaus and has a European design patent.

Internally, the natural beauty of the wood will be seen. This can also be painted in a colour of your choice with standard permeable emulsion.

If you want a plastered finish our solid wood room is the option for you.


Pool room and sauna with the aluminium corner detail