We understand that you want your space to be tailored to its uses whether it’s a place to relax, work, play, train or create. Our interior options reflect this.

You may want to have very clean lines with plastered walls and wooden floors or your taste may lie in a more Nordic style. Whatever your tastes we can provide it.

Vaulted Ceiling Detail  

Bare wood, painted wood, plastered finish, tiled, wooden, laminate and even carpet. We can work with our suppliers to bring you what you want. All of our garden rooms come finished to very high standard including electrics, heating, flooring, skirting boards and painted walls/ceiling depending on your wishes and budget.




Because of the way we construct our rooms, if you are having a pitched roof you can have a beautiful vaulted ceiling. We use a warm roof system so you can see the natural construction of your roof.

We use the highest quality in wooden flooring by using the Swedish wooden flooring company Kahrs. Our garden rooms come with a hard wearing standard Oak panel floor but other types of wood and finish are available and we have a range of samples for you to choose from dependent on your budget and taste. 

We can also provide a high quality joinery service if you require something extra like a kitchen, bathroom, work surface, shelving or storage.