With backgrounds in education we really understand the current need for extra classroom space. With a boom in population many classrooms are crowded environments which were built in times where educational needs were very different. 

Spacetwo's rooms are a perfect solution to your problem. They are warm, healthy and their inspiring wooden design provides a natural and relaxing environment where students can focus and concentrate on their learning. Using the highest quality materials our buildings are built to last and are built for a fair, competitive price. 

We can work with your school to provide you with a classroom which will maximise the space you have, and work for your staff and students. We can provide you with all the information you will need to seamlessly process the project through the planning process and keep your workload to a minimum. 

Because our buildings are made off site it means that they are very quick to install with a full classroom depending on size and finish could be installed in a little as three weeks, which means the least amount of disruption and you would be guaranteed a space ready for the new academic year ahead. 

Being a public building we are well aware of all the special considerations such as fire safety, health and safety, access, technological and energy performance .

Contact us today so we can discuss with you how we can deliver a building which will meet, and exceed all of your requirements.   

A possible design for a classroom space. This design could be adapted in any way to meet the needs of your educational establishment.